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A small collection of current projects, with some ideas & pieces omitted simply because of website time constraints.

NB: All the images link to larger versions:

Argo Navis:1 Vela (The Sails) (1973 - 2016)

Still Voices: The Archaeology of Dreams (3016) #1

The Recurring Landmark: 1

The Recurring Landmark: 2
The Phases Of The Moon: May 28th 2014 The Phases Of The Moon: June 5th 2014
The Phases Of The Moon: June 13th 2014 The Phases Of The Moon: June 19th 2014

The Craven Fault
(Bird Spirit confused by the steps of opposing belief systems).

The Stations Of Irrational Hope:1
St. Dyfnog's Well, Llanrhaeadr, North Wales.

A Dictionary Of Symbols

Drawing Voices:1
Man with pancreatic cancer listening to a radio programme about stem-cell research.

The Book Of Irrational Fears

A History Of Relationships:1
1991 - 1999

The Book Of Hosts

A History Of Relationships:2
1992 - 2000

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