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The first in a series of works based on a specific location within a city. The series will use locations in various cities around the world.
In each city, a local resident would be found who would be happy to colaborate on the project for that city.

They would be asked to draw, from memory, the street pattern of their local neighbourhood;
and this drawing would then be transposed by me onto the left-hand canvas panel.
They would also have a portrait photograph taken; and this would form the basis of their facial 'reconstruction' for the right-hand panel.

The first work, above, uses myself and a district of London in which I lived in the 1970s.

The pieces play with various ideas connected with our existence and the transient nature of the universe...

The traces of street patterns, found in ariel archaeology, translated into someone's memory, of their current or remembered street pattern;
- the reality of shifting landscapes; where rivers and coastlines change, and where cities can crumble and die...
The underlying fact that everything we are - ourselves, our homes, and our culture - is simply a branch of archaeology, that is waiting to be unearthed...

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