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'The Stations Of Irrational Hope:1'
St Dyfnog's Well, Llanraeadr, North Wales. October 2013 - 2017

Left: Earth and water (from St Dyfnog's Well) on canvas, over a charcoal diagram of the well,
plus two small stones from the site, in a perspex case.

Right: A photograph of the well, taken in1973, showing a collection of small, unaccountable lights above the far end of the well.
(Photograph courtesy of the Elwyn Davies Archive).

Overall: 80cms x 160cms x 7cms.

The first in a set of 14 works
based on healing wells located in North and mid-Wales.

In each piece, the left-hand panel will be canvas stained with earth and water
from the well, over a charcoal diagram of the well concerned,
along with a perspex box containing some small objects
from the immediate vicinity of the well.

The right-hand panel will be a photograph of the well in question,
taken at some time between 1958 and 1981,
showing unusual or unexplained events around the location.

The one here, of St. Dyfnog's Well taken in 1973, shows a set of
unaccountable small lights in the bank above the far end of the well.



Above: Two small stones from the vicinity of the well. Below: The text of the original note accompanying the photograph.

St. Dyfnog's Well,
Denbighshire, North Wales.
June 18th 1973 1.30pm.
High cloud, light breeze.

Photograph taken
from the S.W. looking N.N.E.
Ilford FP4 1/100th sec at f5.6

Unaccountable, multiple, small
lights (on the negative),
located at the far end of the Well.

N.B. No reflections
showing in the water.

Dr Elwyn Davies. 1920 - 1996

Elwyn Davies was born in Aberystwyth in 1920, but lived for most of his life in the small rural community of Cymystwyth, in mid-Wales.
Although entomology was his abiding passion, the relationship between the spiritual and the paranormal came a very close second,
and as a result of this he collected, over the course of his lifetime, a very comprehensive archive of photographic material.

Essentially, this archive related to many 'sacred' sites within Wales, and any activity around those sites
that could be construed as being in anyway unusual or 'unexplained'.

The photographs used in this series of 14 works - 'The Stations Of Irrational Hope' - are by kind permission of Dr. Elwyn's family and Estate,
and they have been made using the original 35mm negatives from his photographic archive.

The accompanying notes have also been taken from Dr. Elwyn's original observations about the photographs he had taken.

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