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*nb: Each panel links to a larger version of that individual panel.

''The Recurring Landmark:1''

Earthstain on canvas, with paint, charcoal and seven rectangular columns of green lakeland slate.
Each panel: 60cms x 60cms x 5cms. Overall: 420cms x 60cms x 5cms.

The seven canvas panels are stained with earth collected during a seven mile walk in the Lake District.
A descending arc of charcoal defines an area of paint, related to a gradually diminishing column of local lakeland slate.
The circular walk was made in an afternoon to evening, with Castle Crag in Borrowdale always at its centre.

The image below illustrates the route taken on the walk, along with a brief introduction to the piece.

It is taken from a book about the making of the work, other pages of which can found under 'publications'.


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